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March 22, 2016
Industry News And Announcements
International Fireproof Technology Inc.
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For some, a work truck is just a truck. It's simply a vehicle that gets employees and equipment to the job site. For sprayfoam professionals, depending on the weight that needs to be hauled, the vehicle could be light duty, it could be a box truck or it could be somewhere in the middle. Be sure to read "Top Trucks for SPF Contractors" by Fiona Soltes to help determine which type of truck is best for your operation.
Industry News and Announcements
>>Exclusive Demo of Asset Score Preview
>>How Have Major Federal Policies Shaped Our Energy Future?
>>ASHRAE Funds 24 Undergraduate Projects; Aerial Vehicle for Energy Audits
>>Construction Employment Rises in 44 States and the District of Columbia Over Last 12 Months
>>Center for the Polyurethanes Industry Expands Educational Offering with New Education Center
>>BPI Introduces the Healthy Home Evaluator Credential
>>ABAA Conference Going on Right Now!
SPFA News and Announcements
Thanks to SPFA Technical Director Rick Duncan, spray polyurethane foam is the subject of quite a few articles in various industry publications. These articles are examples of how SPFA continually educates others about the benefits of SPF and promotes and invests in SPF's future. These articles are also excellent pieces for SPFA members to use for marketing purposes.
The winners of the SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards 2016 were announced at the Sprayfoam 2016 Convention & Expo during the Awards Luncheon on Feb. 10, 2016. See who won!
Sprayfoam 2016 Convention & Expo was record-breaking in more ways than one. Check out some of the final numbers in the Show Daily. Also, visit the SPFA website, where speaker presentations will be posted shortly. Or, to check out the social side, search #SPFAShow on Twitter.
Foam Supplies, Inc.
SPFA Membership
>>SPFA Members Receive Discount to Attend Med|Ed Facilities Conference
>>2015-16 SPFA Membership Directory and Buyers' Guide
>>Interested in Becoming Part of the Team?
>>SPFA Member Benefits
Federal/State Government News
Volume XXIII, No. 47 - March 14, 2016
The State Net Capitol Journal contains timely and pertinent information for almost every business owner in every state.Some features in this issue include:
-- Regulation of Self-Driving Cars Headed for Fast Lane
-- Few States Focusing on Self-Driving Vehicles
U.S. Federal Legislative & Regulatory Activities
>US House Passes Bipartisan Bill to Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency
>Semi-Annual Report on DOE Energy Conservation Standards Activities Submitted to Congress
>DOE Proposes Rule on Test Procedure for Commercial Packaged Boilers – Standards 90.1 and 155P Discussed
GGAC Regional and Chapter Activities
>Oklahoma Chapters Host Several Grassroots Government Events
>Denver Adopts Newest Energy Efficiency Standards
SPF Tech
Source: sprayfoamadvisor.com / Robert Naini
R-value alone does not tell the whole story. R-value of an insulation can be derated, based on poor application, this is where effective R-value comes into play. Insulation is designed to be installed so that it is in contact with an air barrier at all six faces of the insulation. So, if fiberglass or cellulose is not installed properly – is not uniform and has gaps and voids – it can be derated. Meaning its effective R-value would only be a fraction of the listed, tested value.
SPFA Training & Certification
>>PCP Launches Regularly Scheduled Newsbriefs
Preferred Solutions Inc.
Naylor Association Solutions
SPF-Related Codes & Standards
>>Building Codes Assistance Project Updates on Building Energy Codes
See what's in store, as far as industry events, expos, training classes, online courses, certification programs and more.
Business Trends
>>FDIC’s New Rule on Reciprocal Deposits – a Win for Small Banks and Small Business
>>6 Tips for a Great Social Media Marketing Campaign



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