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>>Net-Zero-Energy Homes Saw Strong Growth in 2016
Net-zero-energy homes, which rely on high-performance windows to reach efficiency goals, are currently a small, specialized niche in the overall North American housing market. However, it’s one that’s starting to show solid growth, according to a new report from the Net-Zero Energy Coalition.

>>Denali Tiny House Makes Small Living Feel Much Less Cramped
Alabama's Timbercraft Tiny Homes, the firm behind the Retreat, recently completed another model that pushes the definition of a tiny house. Dubbed the Denali, insulation in the house is spray foam and the home is heated and cooled with mini-split air-con systems.

>>Solar-Powered Colorado School Houses a Sun-Soaked Learning Environment
It’s hard to compete with the gorgeous views of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, but architecture firm Studio B succeeded in complementing the landscape with their redesign of the Aspen Community School. One of the buildings demonstrates energy efficient design with the construction of a tight and high performance envelope with high efficiency windows and spray foam insulation.

>>Roof Crafters LLC of Louisiana Opens Spray Foam Insulation Division
Chuck Magee and Roof Crafters LLC of Louisiana are well-known to many homeowners and commercial property owners who have used its roofing services. The experienced, advanced and professional team at Roof Crafters strive to be the best roofing contractor in Louisiana, and it has launched several innovations to provide better-quality services to its clients. To that end, Roof Crafters LLC has recently opened a spray foam insulation division.

>>Clean Tax Cuts: A New Idea with Conservative Roots
Congress is likely to tackle federal tax reform in 2017 and may consider new ideas. One proposal it should seriously consider is clean tax cuts—the application of supply-side tax rate cuts to investments that reduce the emissions of harmful pollutants. Cutting tax rates on income gained from clean investments such as energy efficiency improvements could incentivize investors to tap large amounts of private capital.

>>PMC Promotes Craig Griffin to Director of National Sales
Source: Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC)
Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is pleased to announce the promotion of Craig Griffin to Director of National Sales.