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>> Latin America, Middle East and African Insulation Materials Market Expected to Reach $3,330 Million, Globally, by 2023
LAMEA Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2015-2023, the LAMEA Insulation Materials market is expected to reach $3,330 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.9 percent. Polyurethane foam was the highest revenue generator in 2016, as the polyurethane insulation is cost-effective than installing foam boards. 

>> Ultimate Linings Introduces Polyurethane Spray Foam Product Line for Foundation Lifting and Repairs
Ultimate Linings, a leader in Polyurethane Manufacturing, Introduces New Polyurethane Spray Foam Product Line for Foundation and Concrete Lifting and Repair Applications.

>> Cladding in London High-Rise Fire Also Blamed for 2014 Melbourne Blaze
Flammable cladding blamed for the rapid spread of the fatal Grenfell Tower blaze was pinpointed as contributing to another fire in a high-rise apartment building in Melbourne, which narrowly avoided loss of life.

>> Possible SPF Industry Opportunity? CA Bay Area Looks at Modular Homes to Aid Housing Crisis
With rental costs skyrocketing and homes out of reach for many, Google has hit on a solution that may help it attract workers to the crushingly expensive Bay Area. The tech giant plans to buy 300 units of modular housing to serve as temporary employee accommodations on its planned "Bay View" campus at NASA’s Moffett Field, according to a source familiar with the plan.

>> Budget Ax Threatens Manufacturing Program That Puts America First
For all the talk that comes out of Washington, DC, about the importance of American manufacturing, the government does strikingly little about it. There is no Department of Manufacturing, for example. Fortunately, the Department of Energy has the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), which is slated for a 68 percent cut under the proposed 2018 budget.   

>> Introducing RESNET's New Quality Assurance Contractor Manager - Scott Doyle
Source: RESNET
RESNET is pleased to announce that it has appointed Scott Doyle as RESNET's new quality assurance contractor manager.