Fifth Year of the SPFA PCP: Time to Re-Certify for Those Who Earned Their Certification in 2013!

Time has flown by! For those who first earned their SPFA PCP Certification in 2013 — the time to re-certify is fast approaching. The deadline is December 31, 2017!

The procedure will be very similar to the annual renewal.

1) Completion of Re-Certification Form
2) Verification all requirements are current  i.e. CPR, First Aid, CPI (as applicable per certification level)
3) Reporting of CEUs earned (Requirement based on certification level) – SPFA will provide form and the Certified Individual must self-declare using the form (Form will be emailed to PCP Certified individuals who need to re-certify by December 31, 2017.  It will also be posted on website.)

Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) – (Please see Certification Handbooks for more details)

For re-certification (5 year), the Certified Individual (CI) is required to earn the following Continuing Educational Units. If the CI has more than one certification, you only need the number of CEUs required at your highest certification level. In other words, someone certified as both a Project Manager and Master Installer will need just 20 CEU to become re-certified.

Assistant – 5 CEU
Installer – 10 CEU  
Master Installer – 15 CEU
Project Manager – 20 CEU

Continuing Education is acceptable if it meets the requirement of enhancing your knowledge, skills and abilities for your current level or a higher level. CEUs can be acquired through many industry educational opportunities. For example, CEUs will be available for those attending SPFA’s annual conventions sessions. One CEU is awarded for each breakout session and we accept CEUs from other industry organizations such as BPI, RESNET, RCI, NRCA, supplier training, etc.

SPFA’s Foam–It-Right ® Webinars are also eligible for CEU credit. For each 1 hour webinar, you will earn 1 CEU. SPFA members can access the webinars on the Members Only page of the website. Those enrolled in the PCP should contact Kelly Marcavage at for access  to webinars. If you attended during live webinar, simply list it on the form – but if you missed the live broadcast of the webinar – these are available 24/7 for FREE!!! It is a great way to enhance your knowledge of SPF as well as earn CEUs!!
NOTE: The misrepresentation of CEU information (dishonest reporting) will result in demerit points per a Category One (1) violation.

If you have questions, please contact Kelly Marcavage at