SPFA May 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

The SPFA Board of Directors held their quarterly meeting on May 2, 2017 The Board benefited from great and appropriately-diverse representation from the membership comprised of insulation and roofing contractors, along with manufacturers and industry experts. Focusing upon high level issues affecting the SPF industry the following are summary points of discussion and action taken:
Much more was addressed, but these are the highlights and meant to inform you about the work being done to represent you. SPFA, as directed by the Board, engages in efforts directly beneficial to the SPF professional. With membership comprised of insulation and roofing contractors, distributors, consultants and manufacturers, the ability to represent the complete value chain in all areas that impact the future strength and growth of the industry is a resource like no other. The SPFA membership can rest assured that the leadership represents them well, from every perspective, and the cooperation and coordination among those different professionals is where the activities of the organization draw its strength and effectiveness.