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>> Can We Reach the Global Goal of Net Zero Emissions by 2050?
An ambitious global target could see buildings reach a net zero emissions standard by the year 2050, but is this goal realistic? This is a question being asked throughout the property and construction industry, and the short answer is ‘yes’ – but we have a lot of work to do to get there.

>> GacoOnePass F1850 is ABAA Evaluated Material
Source: GacoOnePress
Gaco Western is pleased to announce that GacoOnePass F1850 Closed Cell Foam has successfully completed the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) Material Evaluation process for medium density sprayed polyurethane foam and has been deemed an ABAA Evaluated Material and part of an ABAA Evaluated Assembly.

>> Alabama Home Benefits from Energy-Saving Enhancements
Spray-foam insulation is one of many energy-efficiency measures in Bill Gill’s home, including a heat pump water heater and double-pane glass windows that prevent heat from escaping. He has seen a major difference in energy bills just 20 months since he moved into the house.

>> Reader View: A Helping Hand for Hands-On Learning
When Matt Segura, co-owner of Southwest Spray Foam, was back playing on the playgrounds of Sweeney Elementary, he got to know a girl named Channell whose grandfather, Larry Wilson, had been the designer and creator of the whimsical, life-size dinosaurs out by the southeast corner of I-25 and Cerrillos Road.

>> Mercedes Starts Delivering Home Energy Storage Units
Tesla's Powerwall technology has quickly become the gold standard for large energy storage units. The company has integrated them with home solar power installations as well as major electricity grid projects, but Tesla isn't the only car company using its battery know-how to expand into home energy storage.

>> The Housing Bubble is Back
If you need some evidence that the echo-bubble in housing is global, take a look at this chart of Sweden’s housing bubble.
A funny thing often occurs after a mania-fueled asset bubble pops: an echo-bubble inflates a few years later, as monetary authorities and all the institutions that depend on rising asset valuations go all-in to reflate the crushed asset class.