Are You "Certifiable"?

SPFA PCP frequently gets phone calls from frantic contractors wanting to know "How quickly can I become certified by the SPFA PCP?"  This usually happens when the contractor receives a bid requiring the work to be done by SPFA PCP Certified applicators.

Our immediate question is, "Are you certifiable?"

No, we aren’t checking your mental status – we are inquiring if you have the requirements in place in addition to the items which the SPFA PCP helps you complete.

Depending on your level of certification, these items include, but are not limited to:

1)      Successful completion of the CPI Chemical Health and Safety Course (High Pressure) – required for all levels of PCP
(Free and available online 24/7)

2)     OSHA 10 Hour or 30 Hour Course (for Construction)
10 Hour Card required for SPF Installer and Master Installer levels of PCP
30 Hour Card required for SPF Project Manager level
(NOTE: SPFA has member discount in place with 360Training – contact Kelly Marcavage for promo code)

3)      CPR and First Aid required for SPF Master Installer and Project Manager levels

If you have these items in place and you have the experience required for the certification level you are seeking, then you can become certified very quickly.  You just need to pass the written exam(s) required for the level you are seeking – but those with experience, can self study and take test on-line and in the convenience of their home/office/ or anywhere with internet access and a properly equipped computer.

We suggest using the "down time" during your "off season" to get these requirements completed, if you haven’t already done so.  That way, when you call us and ask us how quickly can YOU become certified, we can tell you that the PCP requirements can be met as quickly as you can prepare.

We also have the SPF Assistant Exam Prep Course available online in both English and Spanish.  This course builds a strong foundation on the fundamental of SPF with the an introduction to SPF, Health and Safety practices with chemicals and in general as well as jobsite safety.  Experienced applicators can self-study to refresh in these important topics, but for those new to the industry or those who do better with an instructor – this online course may be the best option for you!  Once you register – you have 90 days to complete the course and you can repeat any section you’d like to, as many times as you’d like if you need the info repeated.  

Don’t get caught unprepared!  Get a head start during your ‘down time’ by having your team complete the Chemical Health and Safety Course, the OSHA Construction, CPR and First Aid courses to get you once step closer to being certifiable --- the kind you’ll be proud to promote!

For more details on certification requirements, visit our website at or contact Kelly Marcavage at