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SPF Assistant Exam Prep Course Webinar will be available in English and Spanish at Sprayfoam 2017
The SPF Assistant Exam Prep Course will be offered at the Sprayfoam 2017 convention in a webinar format in both English and Spanish.  The Courses will each be monitored by an SPF professional who will be available to answer questions.  Details on registering for these courses in Palm Springs will be available in the Attendee Planner.
It is important to remember – that the SPF Assistant Exam Prep Course is still available online where you can take the course at your own pace (over a 90 day period) on any device with internet access.  In order to save time – you can easily take this course prior to the convention or after the convention.  If you choose to do that, it would free up time in your schedule at the convention to attend something else.  Here is a brief look at the course.
You are probably wondering why we are offering the webinar during the convention while in the past two years, we suggested people take the course on their own time.  What we’ve learned is that contractors block out the time during Sprayfoam Convention to attend courses and do their PCP testing and they want to get as much of it done as they can while attending the convention.  Since the Assistant course is so important in laying a strong foundation in the Health and Safety for the contractor and consumer, we wanted to make it available to meet this need.   
Please contact Kelly Marcavage with any questions – kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org