SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Course for both Roofing and Insulation CONVENTION DISCOUNT

ON SALE NOW Convention Discount - $125 OFF the SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Course

SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Course offered in both English and Spanish at Sprayfoam 2017
Register NOW and you can begin course immediately and have access for 90 days.

The SPF Assistant Exam Preparatory Course lays the foundation in the basics of SPF chemistry, chemical health and safety and jobsite safety.  Topics include equipment and job set-up, substrate preparation, material handling and staging, moving of hoses/scaffolding/ladders, masking, trimming, clean-up and other non-spraying tasks.  Everyone on the jobsite needs to know the important areas covered in this course.  The SPF Assistant is the first level for both Insulation and Roofing.  

At Sprayfoam 2017, the pre-recorded, automated Assistant Course is taught with a course monitor available for discussion and to answer any questions.  There is a special convention discount of $125 OFF the regular price – brings your cost down to $125 for SPFA Members and $225 for Non-Members!  Those who sign up can also access the course immediately so they can complete it before arriving at the convention. 

To see a preview of the course, click here:

If you want to start your preparation early for the Assistant Written Exam, you can register just for the SPF Assistant Course, click here and use promo code KRKM125

Registration info for the entire Sprayfoam 2017 can be found at www.sprayfoam.org/expo

If you have any questions about the SPFA Professional Certification Program, please contact Kelly Cook Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org