Business Trends

>> Is Your Small Business Social Enough?
Facing the task of building a social media following for your small business can feel like an uphill battle. What’s the use of wracking your brain to create engaging content when you have just a few dozen followers? If you create a social media post, and there’s no one to read it, does it even matter?

>> Quarterly Taxes, The Basics
As a freelancer, single business owner or independent worker, taxes can get a bit tricky. Instead of waiting for the traditional tax season during the months of March and April, it’s in your best interest to pay the government in periodic payments. Since you do not have an employer who manages your taxes, Social Security and other benefits, per a W4 form, you will need to manage your books and determine how much you owe the government based on your business earnings.existing and future contacts.
>> 5 Things Business Owners do Better with Lean Business Planning
Don’t think of a business plan as a formal document that’s hard to do, useful only for startups, bank loan applications, and seeking investment. Think of it as a lean plan that’s just lists and tables and is vital for optimizing business management.