Business Trends

>>Are You Keeping Up with Your Business Cybersecurity Needs?
The increased connectivity provided by the internet has vastly changed the way we do business. But while most of the effects are for the better — ease of information exchange, ecommerce capabilities and customer service come to mind — there are still negative aspects small business owners should know about.

>>When to Hire a Copywriter and How to Work With One
Does your small business need a copywriter? Many small business owners try to save money by writing copy for their marketing materials, websites and ads themselves. However, unless you have experience in marketing copywriting, this generally isn’t a good idea.
>>Simple Social Media Guide for Small Businesses
It’s hard to escape the interest, activity and advantages of social media. Platforms are either constantly evolving. With the changing dynamics of the digital communication space, it’s important to get back to the basics. The key is to remember that social media is at its core a dialogue and conversation. Small businesses can leverage different platforms for a variety of reasons to either expand visibility, increase sales, or inform their audience.