Business Trends

>>5 Ways to Establish Credit for Your Business
A creditworthy business is defined as a company that is considered suitable to receive credit because of a positive history of paying money back. For business owners it’s essential to not only maintain a favorable personal credit rating; it’s equally important in building and maintaining a strong business credit rating as well.  

>>Three Reminders for Business Owners Who Hate Selling
You started a small business knowing you’d make most of your revenue by selling your products or services. But you say to friends, "I hate selling. I’m not a good salesperson." So, what are you doing in small business?

>>Is Direct Mail Back?
With email marketing, social media marketing and online marketing grabbing most of the attention in recent years, you might think direct mail marketing is an outdated concept. Think again: Direct mail is enjoying something of a renaissance in both the B2B and B2C worlds, thanks in part to (surprise!) young consumers. Here’s what you need to know to make direct mail work for you.