Business Trends

>>Understand the Law Before Dropping or Reducing Employee Benefits
Small businesses facing poor or uncertain financial circumstances may be forced to consider drastic employment decisions including layoffs and benefit reductions. If your business faces such decisions, it important to understand your legal rights and obligations concerning employment law.


>>What Happens When You Tell Everyone You’re Buying A Franchise
Revealing something potentially life-changing, like becoming your own boss by buying a franchise, can be a little scary. On one hand, you’re certainly excited to share your big news with others. On the other hand, there’s fear...deep down fear, that your news won’t be met with the same level of excitement that you yourself have. And?


>>Basic Information About Operating Agreements

If you are seeking a business structure with more personal protection but less formality, then forming an LLC, or limited liability company, is a good consideration.  Regardless of your business structure, some paperwork like an operating agreement is expected. Here are the basics every LLC owner should know about operating agreements: