SPFA PCP Updates

>>PCP Required Continuing Educational Units (CEUs)

As stated in the SPFA PCP Certification Handbooks for Insulation and Roofing, your PCP certification status is up for renewal annually – however after five (5) years, you must be RE-CERTIFIED. Part of the requirements for contractor re-certification is the completion of Continuing Educational Hours.

Those who turned in the paper surveys after the Sprayfoam 2016 breakout sessions and indicated that they want the course to be credited to them for CEU credits will have their records updated by the PCP.

This criteria is in the Certification Handbooks (posted at www.sprayfoam.org) – but in summary:

Assistant – 5 CEUs required
Installer – 10 CEUs required
Master Installer – 15 CEUs required
Project Manager – 20 CEUs required
(Note: 1 CEU is approximately 1 hour of instruction)

If the Certified Individual (CI) has more than one certification, then the highest level of CEUs is required from the highest level. In other words, if a CI has both a Master Installer AND a Project Manager certification, the CI needs to complete just 20 CEUs for their re-certification requirement.

As stated in the Certification Handbooks, Continuing Education is acceptable if it meets the requirement of enhancing your knowledge, skills and abilities for your current level or a higher level. CUEs can be acquired through many industry educational opportunities. For example, CEUs are being rewarded for SPFA Breakout sessions at the SPFA convention, the Webinars produced quarterly by the SPFA Safety Committee as well as from industry organizations such as BPI, RESNET, RCI, NRCA, supplier training, etc.

Watch for the CEU tracking sheet which is coming soon. This will be a great tool to help you track your CEUs. Don’t get caught short – there are many opportunities for you to earn these CEUs!

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Cook Marcavage, Certification Director, at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org.