SPFA Training & Certification

>>LAST CALL for FREE Written Examiner Training

Effective January 1, 2016, there will be a nominal fee to become an SPFA PCP Written Examiner (Test Proctor). Currently, it is FREE. SPFA has been absorbing these administrative costs to help get the program on the ground and to make Written Examiners widely available.

SPF Suppliers take note --- this is the time to have your staff trained. If you are considering becoming an SPFA PCP Accredited Supplier Company, you are required to have at least 2 Written Examiners on board. Your administrative staff are perfect candidates for this. Even if you aren’t going to become accredited, your sales reps or other folks out in the field are also great candidates to become Written Examiners. While they are out making calls, any of your staff who are Written Examiners can also spend a few hours proctoring SPFA PCP exams which will help your contractors meet the certification requirements.

The program was developed to be available at the grassroots level, suppliers and others can help us by becoming an SPFA PCP Written Examiner and proctoring tests on a regular basis for contractors.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org

>>Time to Renew PCP Credentials

All SPFA Certification and Accredited Company credentials will expire on December 31, 2015, and need to be renewed. The renewal notices and invoices were sent out several weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it, please check with your office administrator. 

As a reminder, please note that in order to renew your individual certification with the SPFA PCP, your CPI, CPR and First Aid cards which are applicable for your level of certification must be current. If they have an expiration date of December 31, 2015, or earlier, then they need to be renewed. In addition, to renew your company’s accreditation, please take a moment to review the Contractor Registration Form and if there are any updates, please advise the SPFA office at this time. 

The replacement documents for any that may have expired, along with payment, must be returned to the SPFA PCP office before we are able to issue your certification and mail out your photo identification card and certificate(s) for 2016. 

Reminder: The certified individual’s signature on the Certification Registration Form indicates that they had reviewed the Certification Handbook posted on the SPFA website at www.sprayfoam.org/certification. By signing the SPFA PCP Certification Agreement, the certified individual agrees it is their responsibility to be familiar with the Handbook and be compliant with the practices described within the scope of the SPFA PCP. 

If you have any questions, please contact kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org.


>>Sponsorship Opportunities for SPFA PCP Field Exams at Sprayfoam 2016

Equipment, materials and supplies are needed for the SPFA PCP Field Exams at Sprayfoam 2016, Feb. 8-9 in Orlando, Fla.


YOU! We are looking for sponsors to help with Field Examinations, which will be conducted for candidates seeking SPF PCP Master Installer Certification in either Roofing or Insulation. The candidates need materials, equipment and your expertise.


SPFA PCP is looking for relevant materials, equipment (new or medium-aged), supplies, or monetary donations to help with Field Exams. Technical representatives are also needed to help answer questions, troubleshoot, and deal with any malfunctions.


Monday-Tuesday, February 8-9, 2016

Don't delay! We're already receiving commitments and need information from all Field Exam sponsors ASAP!


At the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL - site of the Sprayfoam Convention & Expo.


Show your dedication and commitment to the importance of certification.

SPFA will highlight your company's contributions in conference events, on-site and field examination signage, the SPFA magazine, and other applicable locations.


This is also a great opportunity for SPF supplier companies to have your field-training people get vetted by SPFA PCP Certified Field Examiners to do Field Exams on their own.

Detailed information on how to become Certified can be found in the Field Examiner Certification Handbook.

Get great exposure for your company and expertise by sponsoring the SPFA Field Exams! Video

Want to get a sneak-peak at what a Field Exam entails? Roofing Video / Insulation Video

For more information, please contact Kelly Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org or 571-748-5003.