Ventilation for Interior SPF Applications - Free Webinar for Members presented by Jim Andersen, Nov. 4

>>Containment and Mechanical Ventilation for Interior SPF Applications - Free Webinar for Members, Nov. 4

The fifth presentation under the 2015 SPFA Foam-it-Right Webinar Series will focus on proper containment and ventilation strategies for interior sprayfoam applications. Containment and ventilation are key components of proper engineering controls needed for safe installation of high-pressure SPF. These procedures control hazardous airborne chemicals associated with high pressure SPF, reducing the potential for chemical exposure to workers and can shorten re-occupancy times in the work area. 

Jim Andersen of JA Consulting LLC will be the presenter at the webinar. Jim has been involved in the polyurethane foam industry for over 40 years and has been active until his retirement from BASF in 2015. He is recoginzed as one of the industry's leading experts in the sprayfoam industry with past experiences as a contractor (Custofoam), distribution (EMPRO, Foam Enterprises) and sprayfoam and equipment manufacturing (BASF). Jim has had various jobs in sales, management, training and was a business owner. 

The webinar will take place November 4, 2015, 4-5 p.m. (ET) and registration is available here.