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>>"Moments of Truth": Customer Service as a Foundation of Marketing Sales and Profitability Webinar -- July 20
Can you explain clearly who you are and what you do? Is a customer more or less likely to sign an $8,000 contract with you if you took steps to avoid getting dirt on their carpet? Who is more likely to get my business, Contractor A who responded within 24 hours, Contractor B who took three weeks, or Contractor C who never got back to me? Many of the "secrets" of successful, profitable contractors center on providing excellent customer service and dealing with customers on their terms. This session will feature insight from Mike Rogers, president of OmStout Consulting, LLC, and explore some simple things your competitors get wrong and that you can get right to generate more leads, more sales, happier customers, and higher profits.
Click here to register for the July 20 webinar at 3 p.m. (EDT).
>>How to Engage in Accurate Market Research - Free Online Course
You have a great product or service, but who are your customers and how can you reach them? This course will give you an overview of how to identify your customer and how to market to them. 
-Learn the difference between market research and marketing research
-Discover the two main types of market research 
-Learn how to collect market research data and analyze it
-Hear how to avoid common mistakes made in market research

>>Tips on Buying an Existing Small Business or Franchise
The dream of owning a small business doesn’t always mean starting from scratch. You can skip the headaches of creating a startup and jump to buying an established company.