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>>Certification Opportunities at Sprayfoam 2016 in Orlando!

SPFA staff have just returned from our site visit to Orlando and we have confirmed the PCP Exam Prep Courses, Field Exams and Written Exam offerings for Sprayfoam 2016. Make the most of your time at Sprayfoam 2016 in Orlando by taking advantage of everything that SPFA PCP has to offer. It is the "one stop shop" for most of your certification requirements. Plus, there are savings for taking more than one written exam or field exam -- it is a great opportunity! Go to www.sprayfoam.org for details.

Exam Prep Courses: Monday-Tuesday, February 8-9, 2016 

  Insulation Installer -- Tuesday, February 9
  Roofing Installer -- Tuesday, February 9
  Insulation Master Installer -- Monday, February 8
  Roofing Master Installer -- Monday, February 8
  Insulation Project Manager -- Tuesday, February 9
  Roofing Project Manager -- Tuesday, February 9
  Field Examiner -- Monday, February 8
  *Assistant Exam Prep Course is now available online – so you can attend other courses, take a written exam or participate in a Field Exam.

It doesn’t matter the order in which you take the exam prep courses or the order in which you take the exams, you just need to meet the requirements for each level in order to become certified.  See applicable Handbook at www.sprayfoam.org for details.

NOTE: A separate registration is required for Written Exams.

Field Examinations – Monday-Tuesday, February 8-9, 2016
Master Installer candidates can take the Field Exams in Orlando.  You do not need to have the other requirements completed in order to take the Field Exam.  If you are an experienced sprayer, take advantage of the opportunity to complete the Field Exam and then work on the other requirements at your convenience.  You won’t earn your certification until all the requirements are met – but it doesn’t matter in which order you meet the requirements.  In other words, you can start with the Field Exam and then take the written exams after you have prepared for them.

Written Examinations – Monday-Thursday, February 8-11, 2016
All written exams are available during the Sprayfoam 2016 convention. The Assistant, Installer and Master Installer level written exams are available in Spanish and English.

NOTE: The SPFA PCP does not require attendance in courses. Certification candidates must meet all the requirements, some of which include passing written examinations. The Exam Prep Courses are designed to prepare you for these exams.  If you are an experienced SPF Professional, doing "self-study" may be the option for you. This can be done by purchasing the applicable Study Guide and after you’ve reviewed the Exam Preparatory material, you can take the appropriate written exam at your convenience during Sprayfoam 2016.  Please be sure to allow 2 hours for written exams (4 hours for Supplier Rep combined exam).

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Cook Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org.

>>Training Dates
For upcoming training dates, please visit www.sprayfoam.org