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>>Energy Department Invests $4 Million to Strengthen Building America Industry Partnerships
The Energy Department on May 5 announced $4 million to develop and demonstrate new energy efficiency solutions for the nation's homes. The Energy Department's Building America program develops cutting-edge innovations and resources with industry partners to spur the residential buildings market to adopt energy efficiency measures that will provide 50% savings in new homes by 2025 and 40% savings in existing homes by 2030.

For example, the University of Central Florida of Orlando, Florida, will study advanced whole-house residential construction practices for production builders that can achieve 50% whole-house energy savings compared with houses built to code in hot and humid climates. And Integrated Building and Construction Solutions will investigate a proposed Thermal Comfort Rating Method, which will be applied to an innovative plug-and-play heating, ventilation, and air conditioning distribution system design.

For these Building America projects, teams will focus on developing and implementing solutions to three inter‐related core technical challenges:
high-performance building envelope assemblies and systems
optimal comfort systems for heating, cooling, air distribution, and humidity control
and high-performance ventilation systems and other strategies for indoor air quality.
See the Energy Department news release.


>>U.S. DOE Building America Update
The U.S. Department of Energy's Building America Update newsletter is now available.
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