SPFA Training & Certification

>>PCP Announces Dates for Certification Exam Prep Courses, Written Exams and Field Exams During Sprayfoam 2016

The SPFA Professional Certification Program (SPFA PCP) announced that the following Exam Preparatory Courses will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the Rosen Centre Hotel:

Exam Preparatory Courses will be offered on February 8-9, 2016
Written Exams will be offered February 8-11, 2016
Field Exam details are to be determined.

Courses will be offered for:
SPF Installer (Roofing and Insulation)
SPF Master Installer (Roofing and Insulation)
SPF Project Manager (Roofing and Insulation)
SPF Field Examiner

The SPF Assistant Exam Prep Course is available online 24/7.  Click here to get more information and to register for this course. 

For any additional information contact Kelly Marcavage, Certification Director, at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org

>>Training Dates
For upcoming training dates, please visit www.sprayfoam.org. Recent training sessions and/or exams were held:
March 23-27     Spray Foam Nation     West Haven, CT   
March 26-27     Premium  Spray          Rapids, WI             
April 7-10         Spray Foam Nation      Long Island, NY    
April 14-17       Spray Foam Nation      Albany, NY                  
April 20-24       Spray Foam Nation      West Haven, CT  
April 21-24       Lapolla Industries        Chatham, NJ         
May 5-8           Spray Foam Nation     Green Bay, WI     
May 11-14       Spray Foam Nation      Philadelphia, PA 
May 18-22       Spray Foam Nation      West Haven, CT 
May 19-22       General Coatings         Fresno, CA
To learn more about SPFA PCP, please contact Kelly Marcavage at kmarcavage@sprayfoam.org.