Business Tips

>>The Benefits and  Hazards of Working in a Family Business
Source: The MHEDA Journal / Buddy Smith
Having it both ways -- a successful business and a happy family -- takes some guidelines, communication and principles.
>>Online Course: Financing Options for Small Businesses 
You have several options at your disposal as you seek financing for your business. This course will help you determine the best options to meet your financial needs
-Determine your financial needs
-Identify the various financing options available to you
-Pros and cons of loans, grants, venture capital, angel investors, crowd funding and other options

>>What Do You Think? Increasing Mentor-Protégé Opportunities for All Small Businesses
SBA recently published a proposed rule to amend its regulations to establish a government-wide Mentor-Protégé Program for all small businesses as directed by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 (NDAA). SBA’s current mentor protégé program is only offered to eligible participants in the 8(a) Business Development program.