Business Tips

>>11 Ways to Generate Word-of-Mouth About Your Business
A recent study revealed that small businesses said "word of mouth" was their most effective marketing tool. Sixty-two percent cited word-of-mouth as their best marketing tactic—nearly twice as effective as the email, the second-rated tactic (34 percent). Here's how you can you boost word-of-mouth marketing for your small business. Read more here.

>>Thinking Strategically About Your Small Business Marketing
Many experts say "acting strategically" is the key to small business success. Here are a few resources from the folks at SCORE for how to think specifically about your marketing initiatives in a smart, strategic way. Read more here.
>>How to Take the Lead as the Female CEO
Women in positions of power (CEO or business owner) often struggle to be perceived as great leaders and equals to their male counterparts, but the latest statistics about female entrepreneurship show their strength.  Read more here.