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>>Premium Spray Products Earns PCP Supplier Accreditation

Premium Spray Products and Bayer MaterialScience have recently achieved the acclaimed SPFA Accredited Supplier designation, joining Huntsman. Each month, we’ll highlight one of our newly accredited companies! This month’s spotlight is on Premium Spray Products. Stay tuned for others as they earn this prestigious designation.

Premium Spray Products out of Marietta, Ga., completed the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) Professional Certification Program (PCP) to become an Accredited Supplier. And, in doing so, reiterated their commitment to the industry, said Bruce Schenke, RRO, LEED AP, Manager – Technical Solutions, Premium Spray Products, who took the lead in their operation to reach this accreditation status.

"We hope that in the development of this program, safe handling and good product stewardship will become the standard," said Schenke. "We promoted the SPFA PCP program to all of our applicators and we have trained many of them in this program. When it became possible for us to become an Accredited Supplier, and reiterate this commitment to the industry, we took that to heart. As quickly as possible, we went through the PCP program and, as a company, became accredited as a PCP Supplier." Now, at a minimum, all employees are certified with the CPI chemical health and safety course online. "We are one of the first companies to accomplish that task," said Schenke proudly.

In addition to taking a lead in the company’s goal of becoming an Accredited Supplier, Schenke took the PCP combined test of Roofing and Insulation to become a PCP Certified Supplier Representative for both Roofing and Insulation. With Schenke’s encouragement and oversight, Premium Spray Products is close to achieving 100% participation in the PCP program by all of the tech advisors, trainers and sales people in the company. "They all took this test to prove their knowledge so we could stand out among our competitors, and also to encourage our competitors to join us in this endeavor to become SPFA PCP accredited," said Schenke. "It gives us a level of competence and was also a challenge. It helps us set a good example for our customers and other suppliers and distributors," said Schenke, who said they have several distributors that are working toward accredited status as well. "This is a matter of helping bring the industry up to these standards, or maybe even exceeding the standards."

Schenke feels that the PCP is certainly is a large step toward addressing some of the concerns with customer and users of SPF products. We are in an era where people have a lot of time to read instant communications, and they become concerned about things they don’t really understand, he said. And, the SPFA PCP provides assurance that the industry has quality applicators, suppliers, product stewardship and safe application standards, helping assure everyone that "we are doing it right in this industry. The most important part is ensuring everyone in the industry is trained in proper use in these materials," said Schenke. "That is our goal."

As for the future? Schenke believes SPFA PCP Accreditation will become mandatory rather than voluntary. "Soon, I think it will become a municipal and government requirement, so that everyone will have to meet this level of certification. Then this will take off like wildfire, where it becomes a standard in the industry."