SPFA Training & Certification

>>PCP Certified Individuals Can Earn 1 SPFA CEU by Attending SPFA Webinar
Earn 1 SPFA CEU (Continuing Education Credit) toward your re-certification by attending this webinar on fall protection and SPF application: "Fall Protection for Insulation and Roofing Applications of SPF."

Every five years, PCP Certified individuals need to become recertified. Part of this process entails earning Continuing Educational Credits (CEUs). This is a quick and easy way to earn one CEU and it is FREE TO SPFA MEMBERS!!!

Assistant Level Recertification – 5 CEU required
Installer Level Recertification – 10 CEU required
Master Installer Level Recertification – 15 CEU required
Project Manager Level Recertification – 20 CEU required

Webinar Title:
"Fall Protection for Insulation and Roofing Applications of SPF"
Date: Wednesday March 4, 2015
Time: 4-5 p.m. ET 
Speaker: Joe Bolduc, CSP - Director of Environmental Health and Safety, MASCO Contractor Services

The presentation will acknowledge the differences between fall protection regulation in states that are regulated by State Occupational Safety and Health Plans (OSHA) and states regulated by the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Realizing that most state OSHA plans have adopted Federal OSHA regulations the webinar will explore residential hazards OSHA has identified along with the risk prevention regulations adopted to minimize the risk of serious injury and fatality in America’s Construction Workforce.

When properly employed these Fall Protection prevention techniques are proven to prevent serious injury and fatality.

This webinar will discuss:
> Overview of Regulations 
> Fall Protection Options 
> Anchorage 
> Body Harnesses 
> Lanyards 
> Training 
> Planning 
> Guardrails 
> Hand Rail 
> Observation

Joe Bolduc is the Director of Environmental, Health and Safety at Masco Contractor Services. Prior to his employment in the construction industry he was employed in the Risk Management group of Shaw Flooring a Berkshire Hathaway company in Dalton, GA. Prior to Shaw Joe spent 28 years with SAPPI Fine Papers in Boston, MA. While working at SAPPI Joe held various assignments of increasing responsibility in Operations, Maintenance, Quality, Training, Safety, Workers Compensation, Occupational Medicine, Security, Emergency Response and Risk Management with experience in both site and corporate levels of the organization. Joe was active 25 years in the emergency response activities of his home town serving as a Fire Department Officer - Paramedic/Firefighter. 

Joe earned a BS degree in Business Management and MBA from Thomas College in Waterville, ME, where he was also an adjunct faculty member. Bolduc is chair of the SPFA Safety Committee and holds Professional Member status in the American Society of Safety Engineer.  

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>>SPFA Newsletter Adds a Spotlight on Newly Accredited Companies
Bayer MaterialScience and Premium Spray Products have recently achieved the acclaimed SPFA Accredited Supplier designation, joining Huntsman. 

Each month, we’ll highlight one of our newly accredited companies! This month’s spotlight is on Bayer MaterialScience. Next issue will have the spotlight on Premium Spray Products --- stay tuned for others as they earn this prestigious designation. 


Bayer MaterialScience LLC Earns SPFA Supplier Accreditation
Bayer MaterialScience LLC, spray polyurethane foam (SPF) systems house and raw materials supplier, has completed a comprehensive certification program to become a Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) Accredited Supplier.

Bayer strongly advocates for continually raising standards related to SPF safety, product stewardship, quality and professionalism. Becoming an Accredited Supplier underscores the company’s commitment to remaining involved in ongoing efforts to raise the standards of health and safety for the entire SPF industry.

"Bayer is proud to be among the leading sprayfoam manufacturers coming together to define their commitment to product stewardship and safety," said Paul Royba, interim general systems house manager, Bayer MaterialScience LLC.

Furthermore, Bayer is convinced that all value chain members can work with various industry groups including the Center for the Polyurethane Industry, the Spray Foam Coalition, SPFA and other system houses to enhance product health and safety.

"Much progress has already been made and Bayer is optimistic that along with the industry, consumers will continue to recognize the importance of using properly trained and educated SPF providers," Royba continued. Read more here.