Volatile Free, Inc. Launches New and Improved Website

Volatile Free, Inc. has launched a new and improved website (www.volatilefree.com). Upgrades include better developed product categorizations and visualizations. VFI®’s new website also features new products and product certifications. For example, SEALGUARD 990 SILICONE and VFI-600 Acrylic Coating, are now Energy Star Certified. They have also added a new sprayfoam product, VFI-727, which is UL certified. Their signature VFI-540 polyurea hybrid coating, Badgerliners® and Qwik Spray System® are represented with more visuals and detailed product information. 

Volatile Free, Inc. is celebrating 20 years as a manufacturer of high performance polymers. "We are so excited to have a fully functional website that will give us more opportunity in our industry," says VFI President, Nancy Hochmuth. 

Since 1995, Volatile Free, Inc. has manufactured polyurea and polyurea hybrid products, and has remained strong in the industrial and commercial roof coating industry, while branching into more OEM markets.