Business Tips

>>Don’t Qualify for a Conventional Business Loan? Understand Your Options
If you’re looking to start or grow your business, unless you’re fortunate enough to have a reserve of savings or a benevolent angel investor, then you’re going to need a business loan. So where do you start? Read more here.

>>The Top 7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Mentors
A business mentor is someone with a lot more experience who is willing to teach you what they know. But there are common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when consulting a mentor. Let’s examine each one, and find out ways you can avoid falling into the same trap. Read more here.
>>Offering Energy Efficient Financing: A Path to Closing More Jobs, Increasing Sales and Making Customers Happy!
Source: / Andrew Isaacs
You could say there are two types of contractors in the marketplace today, those who offer financing at the point of sale and those who don't. Savvy contractors help empower their customers by offering a choice to pay out of pocket or choose financing to pay for improvements. These contractors focus on the monthly payment rather than the total job cost, not only to reduce sticker shock but also to add measures to a job that will increase efficiency and comfort. Long term, competitively priced financing means expanded work scopes for contractors and greater home performance benefits for consumers. Read more here.