Business Tips

>>If Disaster Strikes, Will Your Company Survive?
Source: / Jeffrey Cavignac, CPCU, ARM, RPLU
The wildfires across the West earlier in the year should be a reality check for businesses all over America. They underscore the need for appropriate insurance coverage and limits, and for having a basic disaster recovery plan. In the event your office lost power or was totally destroyed during a wildfire, hurricane, tornado or other type of natural disaster, how prepared would you be? Have you identified alternative premises to set up operations? Would your employees know who to call or where to go? Read more here.

>>Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers (Online Course)
Learn what marketing is and why it is vital to growth. The course covers how to conduct market research and developing marketing strategies while providing marketing resources for small business owners. Read more here.
>>Year-End Bonuses & Taxes: What You Should Know
Source: / Barbara Weltman
If your business can afford it and you want to reward employees, year-end cash bonuses may be the way to go. In providing this additional compensation, understand what it means from a tax perspective. Read more here.
>>Hashtags Matter
Source: / Kevin Homer
The # sign, a symbol that for years was called simply a "pound sign" and has historically stood for "number," has recently undergone a drastic transformation. The #hashtag has taken on a far more valuable role in the lives of anyone active on social media. Although most recognize the symbol, many don't fully grasp when or how to release its power. Read more here.