Submit Projects for Contractor Awards by Friday, Dec. 5

The deadline to submit a project for the Contractor Industry Excellence Awards was extended to December 5!
These awards recognize SPFA contractor members’ exceptional accomplishments for the quality of their work, the uniqueness of the project, speed of application, superiority of polyurethane, ability of foam to conform to unusual/irregular surfaces, and special safety considerations. There are five award categories: Residential Wall, Commercial Wall, SPF Roof under 40,000 sq.ft., SPF Roof over 40,000 sq.ft., and Specialty Applications. To be eligible for an award, projects must follow this criteria:

- Nominations can be made by any SPFA member. Contractor nominees must be SPFA members to be entered into the contest.
- The project must have been completed between December 1, 2013 and December 5, 2014.
- Nominations must be received by December 5, 2014.
- Pictures (preferably digital) are required.

Submit your project today; it’s easier than you think! For details or to submit a project, go to the SPFA website.
A panel of industry experts will adjudicate the selection process.This will be a blind judging process. Judges will not know to whom each of the entries belong, therefore the judging will be solely based on the merit of the project according to awards guidelines.  

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at Sprayfoam 2015 during the Contractor Industry Excellence 10th Anniversary Awards Luncheon, sponsored by Lapolla Industries, Inc.
Commercial Wall Foam Winner: Domestic Insulation (See coverage in Summer 2014 issue.)
Commercial Wall Foam Runner-Up: Biofoam Inc.
Residential Wall Foam Winner: PROFOAM of Tennessee (See coverage in Fall 2014 issue.)
Residential Wall Foam Runner-Up: Jag Construction Inc.
Roof Foam Less Than 40,000 sq. ft. Winner: PROFOAM of Tennessee (See coverage in Winter 2014 issue.)
Roof Foam Less Than 40,000 sq. ft. Runner-Up: Honeywell Building Envelope Solutions
Roof Foam Greater Than 40,000 sq. ft. Winner: Arizona Foam & Spray (See coverage in Summer 2014 issue.)
Roof Foam Greater Than 40,000 sq. ft. Runner-Up: West Roofing Systems, Inc.
Specialty Applications Winner: West Roofing Systems, Inc. (See coverage in Fall 2014 issue.)
Specialty Applications Runner-Up: Polyseal Insulation LLC