Webinar: How to Set Profitable Hourly Rates

>>Webinar: How to Set Profitable Hourly Rates 
Source: bpi.org
Improper labor pricing is the #1 killer of small businesses today. Setting your hourly rate based on what everyone else is charging might work when you are small (with little overhead) but it won't work when you start to grow!  

Featuring Tom Grandy of Grandy & Associates, this webinar -- Wednesday, September 24, at noon (EDT) -- walks the contractor through the detailed process of setting proper hourly rates based on your real cost of doing business. Grandy will cover all the basics of profitable labor pricing using a Sample Company and 10 filled in worksheets. You can then use the same worksheets to input your numbers to find out what you need to charge. Most companies are aware of the basic overhead costs; however the two HIGHEST costs of doing business (cost of non-billable time and equipment replacement costs) are often left out.

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