SPFA Training & Certification

>>SPFA PCP – Accessible, Available and Affordable

Our goal is to make SPFA PCP accessible and available to everyone!  Be sure to visit our website for more details, the following are just some of the ways we are bringing SPFA PCP to you!

> Online testing available for all SPFA PCP Written Exams
> Assistant, Installer and Master Installer Written Exams also available in Spanish
> Year round exam preparatory courses and written exam opportunities (check our website for upcoming dates and locations)

If your Supplier isn’t listed, check with them to see if they will be hosting SPFA PCP course or  exams.  Many Suppliers will be doing so, but just haven’t given us their dates.  Suppliers should be your first line of training since they can many now offer both SPFA PCP courses and their own proprietary training on the material and equipment you use.

> Online Assistant Exam Prep Course (coming soon!)
> Nationwide network of SPFA PCP Certified Field Examiners

SPFA PCP has been offering Introductory pricing, but that will likely end on December 31, 2014 – so take advantage of the deepest discounts the program will offer!

For more details on the SPFA Professional Certification Program, please visit our website at www.sprayfoam.org and click on Certification or contact Kelly Marcavage.

>>SPFA PCP Exam Prep Courses and Exams 
New locations are frequently added for SPFA PCP Exam Preparatory Courses, Written Examinations and Field Examinations, so be sure to check www.sprayfoam.org Certification Calendar of Events for the most complete list.  
April 29-30 -- Portland, OR
Hosted by Demilec
Contact Mac Sheldon at mac@demilec.com

May 12-16 -- West Haven, CT
Hosted by Spray Foam Nation
Contact Lisa D’Amico at lisa@sprayfoamnation.com

May 14-16 -- Swedesboro, NJ
Hosted by Foampak
Contact Bill Huckins at bill@foampak.com 

May 20-22 -- Rogers, MN (Private)
Hosted by Icynene
Contact Laura Lapierre at llapierre@icynen.com 

June 17-19 -- Santa Fe Springs, CA
Hosted by Diamond Liners
Contact Danette Bender at dzb@diamondliners.com 

June 23-26 -- Marlborough, MA
Hosted by Lapolla
Contact Shana Rand at srand@lapolla.com 

July 14-17 -- Marlborough, MA
Hosted by Lapolla
Contact Shana Rand at srand@lapolla.com 

October 14-16 -- Waukesha, WI
Hosted by Gaco Western
Contact Karen Wolfenberger at kwolfenberg@gaco.com 

October 15-17 -- Houston, TX
Hosted by Lapolla
Contact Shana Rand at srand@lapolla.com 

Ongoing -- Webinar SPFA PCP Refresher Courses for Previously Trained SPF Professional
Hosted by Gaco Western
Contact Karen Wolfenberger at kwolfenberger@gaco.com