GacoFireStop2 Is AC377 Appendix X Approved

Gaco Western introduced a new generation GacoFireStop2 Open Cell Foam. New GacoFireStop2 offers higher yields up to 15,000 board feet and better performance including improved sprayability and rise, excellent adhesion, and easy trimming. It contains high bio-renewable content for sustainability, plus GacoFireStop2 uses standard ISO which helps reduce product handling costs.

Just like original GacoFireStop, new GacoFireStop2 exceeds requirements for a Class 1 Foam and is AC377 Appendix X approved for installation in attics and crawl spaces with no additional ignition barrier needed. Unlike other open cell foams, with GacoFireStop2 the ignition barrier is built into the product itself, so can be left exposed in an attic or crawl space - AND meet code requirements.   

"Contractors and builders will appreciate everything GacoFireStop2 offers:  Higher yields, better product performance and the use of standard ISO all contribute to reduced cost, and the product continues to offer single step installation with no additional ignition barrier needed. Combine this with quick, easy code approval and new GacoFireStop2 is a win-win for our customers," stated Tom Sojak, Vice President, GacoWallFoam.