Industry News & Announcements

Sprayfoam Industry Mourns Loss of Pioneer, Terry Mayfield
Terry Mayfield was born in 1941 and raised in Pearsall, Texas. He joined the Navy in 1959 and traveled the world. Upon leaving the Navy in 1963 he married Brenda, started a family, went to work for CPR Upjohn and learned the foam manufacturing end of the business. In 1978 he left CPR to form a foam roofing contractor company in Deer Park, Texas (suburb of Houston) and touched many, many people’s hearts until he sold the business in 1998. He stayed active in the foam business until 2005 and was always known for a big smile, true friendship, and fairness and honesty in business. He is survived by wife Brenda, daughter Wendy and son T.R., and grandchildren. (As reported to SPFA.)

ASHRAE, IAQA Sign Memorandum of Understanding
Through a memorandum of understanding, ASHRAE and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) are working together to promote better indoor air quality in the built environment. The agreement was signed on Oct. 15, 2013, during ASHRAE’s IAQ 2013 Conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The agreement commits ASHRAE and IAQA to working together in the areas of consistent leadership communication, chapter collaboration, advocacy, technical activities coordination and research.
Alliance Board Adds Leaders from Across Energy Sector
The Alliance to Save Energy’s Board of Directors has voted unanimously to add five new members to its ranks. Representing businesses across the energy industry, the new group of energy efficiency champions elected to the board includes:
-Kim Greene, Southern Company President and CEO
-David Hopping, Siemens VP of Building Performance and Sustainability
-Jane Palmieri, Dow Chemical Business President of Dow Building & Constructions
-Jim Pauley, Schneider Electric Senior VP of External Affairs and Government Relations
-Heath Shuler, Duke Energy Senior VP of Federal Affairs

Building Science Experts' Session Is Dec. 11-12 
Building Science Corporation is offering a two-day Building Science Experts’ Session seminar that focuses on advanced building science topics. On the first day, Dr. Joe Lstiburek and Peter Baker will discuss Multi-Family Podium Building Envelope Design, Construction and Commissioning. On day two, Dr. Joe Lstiburek will cover Ventilation in Single-Family and Multi-Family Buildings.
BPI Announces National Rollout of Advanced HEP Certifications
BPI announced that exams for the advanced Home Energy Professional (HEP) certifications are now available nationwide. The four HEP certifications--Energy Auditor, Retrofit Installer Technician, Crew Leader and Quality Control Inspector--demonstrate advanced competency through work experience prerequisites, as well as rigorous written and field exams. These are the only home performance certifications that are both supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
>>Sonderhoff Mixing and Dosing System with Siemens Motion Control Debuts
Siemens together with Sonderhoff presented the fully automatic mixing and dosing system DM 403 from Sonderhoff Engineering equipped with the new Siemens motion control technology Simotion D 445 to the international plastics industry at K 2013, Oct. 16-23 in Germany. The demonstration included polyurethane-based 2-component foam sealing system Fermapor K31 from Sonderhoff Chemicals exactly dosed and applied accurately to the contour. 
>>New Pneumatic Operated Spray Gun Is Based on Impingement Mixing Technique 
The newly developed WIWA PU GUN 4040 is a pneumatic operated spray gun based on the impingement mixing technique. The poly and iso components exit spray tips directly into the mixing chamber at a pressure of upto 250 bar. The streams contact directly in front of the tips, immediately mixing the material without the need for a static mixer.
Building Analyst Certification Upgrade
The Building Analyst (BA) certification exams are being updated to ensure that Building Analysts have command of the latest best practices in whole house energy audits. In addition to verifying increased proficiency, you get a higher level of confidence from your customers, your employer, the programs you participate in and the market at large. New topics covered in the BA written exam include the principles of using computer software to model the energy upgrade potential of a home, and developing a scope of work for customers. Existing topics updated in the written and field exams include assessing whole-building ventilation, measuring airflow, combustion safety and testing/data collection. The updated exams will be available at all BPI Test Centers on February 1, 2014.