Dutch Media Reports on Polyurethane Sprayfoam Insulation and Health Concerns

Dutch media reports on polyurethane sprayfoam insulation address the health effects associated with sprayfoam. The biggest areas of concern are the applicators and the timeframe for entering a house after sprayfoam has been applied.

Dutch television channels reported:
>> Consumers will be required to not enter the home during and shortly after application.
>> The home will be required to be ventilated before consumers are permitted to re-enter the home.
>> Inspections for “toxic fumes” will be required following application.
>> European certificates for polyurethane spray foam application companies will be required.

The program emphasized that the problem behind human health concerns is likely the improper mixing of chemicals, and the consumer being permitted to re-enter the home too soon after the application process.

ISOPA was shown to be proactive in addressing concerns with concrete measures. See related article here.