Efficiency First Executive Director Jay Murdoch Accepts New Position

Efficiency First Executive Director Jay Murdoch accepted a new position in governmental affairs for a major industry player in the for-profit sector. This will be effective March 31. "The mix of feelings is that we both wish him well in his career but will miss him and his impact representing our great organization," said Brian Bovio, EF Chair.
"From his one and a half years of leading Efficiency First, we know firsthand of his skills in engaging stakeholders and policy makers for the good of our industry," said Bovio. 

2012 was a record-breaking year in Efficiency First membership and its recent membership drive put 2013 on a strong path for growth. According to Bovio, "Efficiency First members are launching more local chapters, and our recent National Membership Drive resulted in 92 new member companies joining Efficiency First in just over three weeks. Congratulations to Jamie Clark of Kentucky and Mark Rixon from Kansas City for recruiting the most new members - they each won a buy-one-get-one-free pass to the ACI National Home Performance Conference in Denver this year!"

Longtime staffer, Coby Rudolph, has been appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer.