SPFA Making News All Around the Country

SPFA was invited to be a presenter at the 2013 NAHB International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas Jan. 22, 2013. The session addressed issues related to SPF health and safety,installation practice, SPF performance, the SPFA Professional Certification Program, the new SPF industry Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and other issues of interest and relevance to home builders. To answer many questions on SPF, SPFA also delivered a “Builder’s Package” of information on SPF condensed in a manner that would make it easy for home builders to get the information they need about SPF. In addition to SPFA, Lee Salamone, Senior Director of CPI and a homebuilder familiar with SPF use, participated on a panel discussion during the session. Ms. Salamone addressed regulatory topics, industry research and CPI/Sprayfoam Coalition’s recent activities.

In December 2012, SPFA was invited to speak at an invitation-only session hosted by Joe Lstiburek, President of Building Science Corporation in Westford, Mass. Lstiburek organized a two-day Building Science Experts’ Mini-Symposium to discuss pressing and relevant issues of the day. The first day was entirely SPF, the second day HVAC and ventilation. SPFA’s Technical Director, Dr. Richard Duncan, was one of only a handful of presenters and discussed SPF chemistry, troubleshooting, proper installation practice, health and safety, professional certification, environmental sustainability (Life Cycle Assessment - LCA) and many other issues to an over-packed room of some of the world’s best building scientists.

SPFA sponsored part of the National Institute of Building Science (NIBS) Annual Meeting: Building Innovation 2013 – in Washington, D.C. This is the first in a series of independent annual events that will support the Institute’s commitment to bring together representatives of the entire building community to review advancements in science and technology and develop solutions for our built environment.

SPFA presented on SPF health and safety, installation, SPF performance, and the new SPFA Professional Certification program during a session at the December 2012 EcoBuild Conference in Washington, D.C. Presenting alongside SPFA was a panel of representatives from The Façade Group, SIPA and DryVit. The presentations focused upon high-performance insulation and its role in producing high-performance buildings, and were delivered to a room predominantly filled with architects.