ASHRAE Government Affairs Update

Learn More about Grassroots Government Activities in Dallas

If you’re planning to attend ASHRAE’s Winter Conference in Dallas (January 26-30), take time to check out a couple of sessions, which should help to inform future efforts at the regional and chapter levels in the Society’s new Grassroots Government Activities paradigm.

As has been reported in several past issues of the Update, last summer, ASHRAE’s Board of Directors approved the creation of a new Society-level committee to address government actions beyond those which happen in Washington, D.C. (i.e., state, local, provincial, national [beyond North America]). With the Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC) coming online in earnest at the Annual Meeting in Denver (June 22-26), it is crucial that members and chapters are made aware of how this programming is taking shape.

Here are two opportunities to learn more in Dallas:

The training session for the new Regional Vice Chairs for GGAC will take place January 27, from 9 a.m. to noon. This session will cover the scope of what GGAC is at all levels of ASHRAE – from the Society down to the section. There will be very limited seating available, so get there early. 

Seminar 41, “How Federal and State Energy Policy Impact ASHRAE Members,” will feature a moderated panel in which several experts discuss both how U.S. federal and state energy-efficiency matters are playing out and why it is imperative that ASHRAE gets involved. Keith Reihl, who will serve as the First Vice Chair of the GGAC, will moderate. Panelists include: 


What Are You Doing for National Engineers Week? Occurs February 17-23

National Engineers Week (eWeek) provides guided opportunities for engineers to help students at all grade levels understand what engineering is all about, and encourage them to enter this diverse profession. Supported by over 100 partners, eWeek is truly a grassroots, volunteer-driven movement made up of a series of events and programs, including Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (February 21), the Future City® competition, New Faces of Engineering, the DiscoverE outreach program, and others.

Highlighting one of these programs, throughout the year, DiscoverE sends thousands of volunteers into K-12 classrooms to help students understand how the exciting world of engineering impacts their everyday lives. Volunteers are guided through the process of meeting with students during class or after school, and equipped with fun activity and presentation ideas. More information on DiscoverE is available at (Note: Make sure you click through the introductory screen, which sometimes takes awhile to load.)

ASHRAE supports eWeek through its involvement as a member of the Engineers Week Committee, participation in several programs, and has previously co-chaired the celebration.

So... what are you doing for eWeek? Watch an informational webcast, order a volunteer kit, download posters, and get involved at!

New Report Provides Recommendations for Utility Involvement in Promotion of Building Energy Codes

Utilities can be major partners in promoting building energy codes, however they often encounter barriers that deter these efforts. A new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) lays out recommendations for overcoming these barriers and provides ideas for pilot programs.

To view the report and find additional information, click here.

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