SPFA Industry Excellence Awards

Fill Out Your Nomination Forms TODAY!

On Feb. 14, 2013, SPFA will sponsor the Industry Excellence Awards Luncheon. This lunch will be part of the 2013 Spray Foam Conference. There will be awards in several categories for projects that demonstrate excellence in our industry. A panel of industry experts will adjudicate the selection process. This will be a blind judging process. Judges will not know to whom each of the entries belong, therefore the judging will be solely based on the merit of the project according to awards guidelines.

To be eligible for an award, projects must follow the following criteria:

1. Nominations can be made by any SPFA member. Contractor nominees must be SPFA members to be entered into the contest.
2. The project must have been completed between Jan. 1, 2012 and Dec. 1, 2012.
3. Nominations must be received by December 8, 2012.
4. Pictures (preferably digital) are required. 
    a. Note all photographs must show OSHA Compliant Work Environments.
    b. A signed release must be faxed to Lisa Smith (703) 222-5816 for all photographs submitted.
5. The awards will be presented for the following categories:
  • Residential wall SPF: 1st and 2nd place
  • Commercial wall SPF: 1st and 2nd place
  • Roof SPF< 40,000 ft sq: 1st and 2nd place
  • Roof SPF> 40,000 ft sq: 1st and 2nd place
  • Specialty Applications*: 1st and 2nd place
    * (formerly Tanks & Vessels and Other)

SPFA reserves the right to change the category to which a project has been submitted if the SPFA determines that there is a category that more closely represents the nature of the project.

Online nomination forms are available at www.awards.diligence.biz/nominate.php.

For questions regarding submission of the online nomination, contact David Bradshaw at dbradshaw@diligence.biz.