What Is an Energy Efficiency Job?

What Is an Energy Efficiency Job?

ACEEE has just released a series of six profiles of real world experiences in energy efficiency job creation. The paper, entitled Energy Efficiency Job Creation: Real World Experiences, describes programs, policies, investments, partnerships, and business models that have catalyzed regional increases in employment. While previous ACEEE work has provided an analytic framework for how jobs are created through efficiency, this paper focuses on the jobs themselves.

Energy efficiency catalyzes employment opportunities that draw upon the broad range of Americans' skills. Moreover, as companies' investments in energy efficiency improve their bottom lines, they experience increased competitiveness, which is a potential contributing factor in bringing jobs back to American soil. Each profile serves as an independent portrait of the various driving forces behind energy efficiency job creation, illustrates the diversity of energy efficiency jobs, and demonstrates the extent to which they draw upon Americans' existing skills and competencies.

To read the paper, click here.

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