NFPA Fire Code

Increase fire and life safety with a clear understanding and working knowledge of NFPA 1: Fire Code.

The 2012 edition of NFPA 1: Fire Code provides a comprehensive set of requirements for fire and life safety as well as property protection. This all-new, expert-led seminar will help you identify the purpose and the scope of the Code, and help you locate information easily and apply provisions correctly.

Through engaging classroom discussion involving multiple stakeholders, you'll gain a thorough understanding of life safety and property protection issues, including those involving automatic sprinkler systems, standpipes, occupancies, exits, and fire lanes. The seminar will also address equipment, processes, hazardous materials, and general fire safety.

> Identify the scope and purpose of NFPA 1: Fire Code
> Define the concepts of equivalency and modification
> Identify the significant differences between the performance –based option and the prescriptive code option
> Classify selected uses into the appropriate occupancy classification
> Describe the continuity requirements for fire barriers and smoke barriers
> Identify Code deficiencies of fire protection systems and identify appropriate Code references
> Calculate occupant loads
> Determine minimum requirements for fire department access roads
> Determine if there are any fire drill requirements for a given occupancy

WHO WILL BENEFIT: Fire protection engineers, architects, building and fire code officials, and insurance loss control representatives.

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