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SPFA May 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

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The SPFA Board of Directors held their quarterly meeting on May 2, 2017 The Board benefited from great and appropriately-diverse representation from the membership comprised of insulation and roofing contractors, along with manufacturers and industry experts. Focusing upon high level issues affecting the SPF industry the following are summary points of discussion and action taken:
  • SPFA remains in solid financial position with 426 current member companies and strong evidence of renewals. Retention of members is just as much key to the organization as new members in the effort to fund important industry activities ranging from research and development; code representation; production of positive press coverage highlighting the performance, and health and safety, attributes of SPF; growth and adoption of the national Professional Certification Program; early preparations for the expanding Annual Convention & Expo; increasingly engaged advocacy at state and federal levels; operational improvements, and more. Retention of members maintains SPFA’s strength and representation, while growth of new members means SPFA takes a step forward with every company to represent more of the industry in its totality, also adding to the strength and influence the organization can have for its constituents.
  • Following a commitment to industry partnership and cooperation, the SPFA board welcomed a briefing from staff representatives of the American Chemistry Council’s Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI), Sprayfoam Coalition. This connection allows the organizations to cooperate on important industry issues, drawing on the respective organizations’ strengths, and avoids duplication of efforts that could waste limited industry funding, attention and resources. This partnership benefits the entire SPF industry and solidified future representation and engagement in areas that grow the business for all stakeholders.
  • Dr. Richard Duncan reviewed a number of critical technical programs that have received Board direction and funding for 2017, including:
    -Approval and publication of a new national ASTM Standard Practice for Installation of High-Pressure Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation for the Building Enclosure. This standard defines basic elements of an SPF insulation installation and was reviewed and approved by various subcommittees and committees of AST<, published as ASTM C1858.
    -Continuing Foam-It-Right webinars produced primarily by the SPFA Safety Committee. These webinars are for members only, are delivered at minimum on a quarterly basis, and provide digestible-sized presentations on specific aspects of the SPF worksite in an effort to inform all SPFA member contractors about the conditions that affect them on a jobsite.
    -The SPFA-published Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and related Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) hosted by UL, have reached their regular review and revision schedule. These documents are important resources for customers, namely architects, specifiers, general contractors and more, looking for cradle-to-grave information on SPF for inclusion in LEED projects and accommodation to customers looking for scientifically quantified products regarding their environmental footprint. SPFA is soliciting manufacturer support and involvement in the 2017-2018 revision process, required every five years.
    -Publishing of the SPFA newly-completed technical document SPFA-150, a thorough document highlighting the interactions and benefits of SPF roofing paired with photovoltaic systems for flat and low-slope roofing.
    -Creation and first-meeting of the new SPFA Equipment Committee, focusing upon updating of equipment-related technical documents, creation of new SPFA "Tech-Tips" for contractors and rig-builders, review of equipment-related material in the SPFA PCP certification program, and upcoming webinars focusing upon rig set-up, safety and more.
    -Progress of new SPF-related Acceptance Criteria (AC) between IAPMO and ICC-ES, working within ANSI to develop an open consensus standard that will allow for flexibility, standardization and greater coordination around SPF fire-testing and approval related topics.
    -SPFA’s sponsorship of the DoE’s Race to Zero Student Design Competition, and active participation with Dr. Duncan as a project juror. This event brought in 39 different universities for the competition and opens a door for all of the students and faculty to have a technical resource on SPF spurring future use, development and adoption of the technology for design projects. 
  • Mrs. Michele Riesenberg updated the Board regarding Annual Convention and Expo planning, focusing upon the development of the 2018 Sprayfoam Show, to be held in Mobile, Alabama on January 29 – February 1, 2018. The convention center and hotels have been secured and the city has made many accommodations for the show to be held there. SPFA staff and Board are very excited about the location noting that being in a new city and venue is great for the attendees and increases registration, and avoids lethargic interest due to returning to the same locations. Mobile’s weather will be excellent this time of year supporting outdoor PCP Field Exams and the golf tournament. The city has many restaurants and hotel options, three airports within 40 minutes of downtown, and as a little-known fact Mobile is the birthplace of Mardi Gras, which the Sprayfoam Show will show up just in time for the start of (pack your beads). It was noted that the Contractor Awards program will begin accepting submissions earlier in 2017 so that a robust and diverse set of projects will be in the judging.
  • Mrs. Marcavage provided important update to the Board on work of the various PCP certification committees. With enrollment and participation numbers increasing to 2750 exams conducted, 235 Field Exams, and a drive to complete translations of most PCP materials to Spanish moving forward, the program is beginning to settle in to its form and paying dividends to early-adopters. Mrs. Marcavage was please to report that due to PCP sponsors at the recent 2017 Sprayfoam Show, Field Exams were again able to be provided at no charge to the candidates leading to the greatest round of testing ever. The program now supports certified contractors in 45 of 50 states, and steps have been taken to make the program even more affordable and accessible by combining written exams – this will allow for any candidate to take one written exam per desired level of certification rather than individual tests for each lower level leading to the one they desire. She also reported that SPFA got top marks on a recently-completed ISO annual audit of the program, which is critical to it maintaining its ISO-17024 status.
  • The Board also discussed various aspects of public relations efforts, production of knowledgeable and accurate positive press coverage for the technology, with over 1 million impressions just related to the coverage of the Annual Convention. This public relations effort also includes sponsorship, participation and presentations at almost a dozen industry-related events throughout the year, with the intention of bringing SPF product and installation information to key audiences that lead to understanding, adoption and use, which ultimately benefit the professional members of SPFA.
  • The Board addressed the re-emerging issue of SPF-related regulations stemming from California’s DTSC, and prepared for an upcoming hearing in Sacramento scheduled for May 16, 2017. Additionally on advocacy, SPFA has maintained regular communication with EPA, OSHA, and DoE on important initiatives that will affect the SPF industry, and also participated in a recent insulation industry National Policy Day, that included briefings and Hill visits in Washington, D.C. to discuss energy efficiency, tax incentives, and more with representative staff.
Much more was addressed, but these are the highlights and meant to inform you about the work being done to represent you. SPFA, as directed by the Board, engages in efforts directly beneficial to the SPF professional. With membership comprised of insulation and roofing contractors, distributors, consultants and manufacturers, the ability to represent the complete value chain in all areas that impact the future strength and growth of the industry is a resource like no other. The SPFA membership can rest assured that the leadership represents them well, from every perspective, and the cooperation and coordination among those different professionals is where the activities of the organization draw its strength and effectiveness.

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