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Source: sba.gov
Individuals whose businesses are incorporated do not have to think about self-employment tax. Any salary they take from their corporations as owner-employees are subject to FICA taxes. In contrast, those with other types of business entities—sole proprietorships, partnerships, and limited liability companies (LLCs)—are not employees; they are self-employed individuals. As such they meet their Social Security and Medicare taxes obligation through the payment of self-employment tax.
>5 Simple Questions to Help Determine Your Business Financing Options
Source: sba.gov
The funding strategy a business selects is something unique to each company and needs to be precise. Before an owner sets out and applies for financing, he or she needs to know what options are available and what direction should be taken.
Many small business owners will tell you the rise of the internet has changed how they work. Newer entrepreneurs may not even be able to imagine moving about their day without email, social media or mobile banking.

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