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>> Honeywell Announces New Winners For Promotion That Highlights Use Of Environmentally Preferable Products
Source: honeywell.com
Honeywell is pleased to announce Paul Dion, Mark Eichinger, Charles Redmond and Steve Nelson as the newest winners of its "Hit a Foam Run" promotion. They join the first winner, Joe Steffes, in receiving a $500 prize for submitting eligible projects into the sweepstakes.

>> OSHA under Trump: A closer look
Source: safetyandhealthmagazine.com
A new presidential administration almost certainly will mean a new direction for OSHA, legal experts agree. Regulations could be undone. Funding could decrease. Strategies for worker safety could shift 180 degrees.

>> The Growth of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation & Growing Need for Installer, Supplier Certification
Source: wconline.com
In 1939, German industrial chemist Otto Bayer mixed two chemicals together and created the first polyurethane foam. With this event, Dr. Bayer essentially led the research team that discovered polyurethanes. In the decades that followed, military began to experiment with the new material ultimately utilizing polyurethane foam as a flotation material for boats, and polyurethane foam debuted in roofing with its first application on a rail car to fix a leaky roof.  

>> IDI Distributors buys Kevin Distributing
Source: globalinsulation.com
IDI Distributors, a wholesale insulation distributor, has acquired Kevin Distributing (KDI), a distributor of polyurethane spray foam insulation and related services, to operate as a division of IDI. The purchase will broaden IDI’s geographic coverage to the mountain states and expand both distributors’ product portfolios and service capabilities. The KDI division of IDI will be led by Dan Bitney, branch manager of KDI. IDI will also bring the KDI management team on board to maintain continuity with customers.

>> How To Safeguard Your Home from Ice Dam Formation
Source: pressherald.com
Unpredictable winter weather can wreak havoc for millions of Americans across the country, leaving them cold and reaching to crank up the thermostat. Those living in areas where the temperatures can plummet to subzero, and snow and ice are a certainty – Maine, for example – are all too familiar with what the season brings.

>> Net Zero Starts With the Building Shell
Source: builderonline.com
The Waystone Farm home will utilize Passive Home building principles to help it achieve net zero energy usage. The project team decided to use these principals because "homes built to Passive Home standards are extremely energy efficient, using 80 to 90 percent less energy, which reduces renewable technology demand," says Bill Freeman, owner of Celebration.


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