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>> Polyurethane Chemicals and Products in South America 
Source: IAL Consultants
IAL Consultants is pleased to announce the publication at the end of November of the new edition of its report on the polyurethane chemicals and products markets in South America.

>> PMC Celebrates Partnership and Pride!
Source: sprayfoaminsider.com
Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) knows how to throw a celebration! This September, PMC invited all of their partners from around the world to a Global Distributor Meeting. The meeting had two core themes - partnership and pride.

>> SES Foam Launches Wall Insulation Featuring Honeywell’s Low-Global-Warming Material
Source: honeywell.com
Honeywell announced that SES Foam, a leader in bio-based foam technology, has transitioned to Honeywell’s ultra-low global-warming-potential (GWP) material for wall insulation, with roofing systems to follow.

>> Creating SPF and PV Roofing Systems: Considerations for Optimizing Energy Conservation and Generation
Source: constructionspecifier.com
Eliminating fossil fuel consumption in buildings is best done by achieving both energy conservation and energy generation. Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing provides a method for accomplishing the first goal, and photovoltaic (PV) systems offer high performance for the second. Given the core energy solutions SPF roofing and PV systems each offer, roofing assemblies that incorporate both are increasingly being specified in the built environment.

>> National DOE Award Challenges Builders to Rethink Green
Source: techomebuilder.com
The Department of Energy (DOE) is challenging builders to rethink how technology goes into a green, sustainable home without sacrificing design or budget.

>> Get Ready. Winter’s Coming. Spray Foam Insulation Can Protect You in More Ways than You Can Imagine.
Source: marcellus.com
Even though this has been the hottest year on record, leaves are beginning to turn, and we face yet another season of biting cold, snow, sleet, and generally miserable winter weather. And as is the case almost every winter, there is a renewed interest in finding the best way to insulate your home, business or virtually any facility where protection from the elements is critical.

>> Investing in Spray Foam the Right Way
Source: randolphcountyheraldtribune.com
Investing in spray foam insulation for your home can lead to significant savings each month. Spray foam insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs as well as contribute to lowering your home’s carbon footprint. It’s important to understand what goes into selecting and installing it. Here are a few tips for having spray foam insulation installed in your home the right way.


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