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>>Bridging the Venture Capital Gender Gap

Source: sba.gov 
I see it often, in myself as an owner and working with other owners. It’s way too easy for us — business owners and operators —to fall into the same trap, getting too familiar with what we think we know, and losing sight of changes. No matter what business we’re in, it’s constantly changing, but it’s also easy for us to miss the change because we’re absorbed with the day-to-day routine and immediate problems.

>>Creating a Savings Account For Your Business
Source: sba.gov  
"Save a part of your income and begin now, for the man with a surplus controls circumstances and the man without a surplus is controlled by circumstances." That was advice given by Henry Buckley, an Australian politician in the 19th century. This sentiment is just as important today for small business owners who want to control their circumstances. 


>>Investing in Women-Led Firms IS Good Business
Source: sba.gov  
Like the ripples created when a pebble is tossed into a pool, the right data made public in a room of people who care creates a positive stir.  On May 10, CrunchBase, the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) hosted an event in San Francisco that brought new data to light on women in venture capital to a diverse room of entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, and organizations interested in increasing women’s access to capital.  


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