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>>Enterprise Technology Trends for 2016: Digital Disruption
Source: verizonenterprise.com / Jo Perrin
Digital disruption continues for global brands, government entities and other organizations in 2016. It will challenge every aspect of business, across all sectors, and if organizations are to make the most of the potential of the digital world, they need to fundamentally transform their culture, operations, infrastructure and talent to align with emerging business models. Global enterprises will face unique challenges and we see the following trends driving enterprise IT.

>>The Power of Emotional Marketing
Source: sba.gov
What does emotional marketing mean, and how can your small business tap into it?

>>Rebrand Your Business, Step By Step
Source: sba.gov
Is it time to rebrand your business? Different from simply freshening up your marketing materials, rebranding means changing the entire "personality" of your business.






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