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>>7 Ways to Improve Your Website Homepage
Source: sba.gov
Your website is your virtual place of business.  Just like your regular place of business, you want it to be neat, clean, attractive, inviting and professional looking.

>>15 Proven Tips to Help You Make Career-Enhancing Connections at Your Next Conference\
Source: youngupstarts.com / Alaina G. Levine
Love them or loathe them, conferences are an established fixture in most industries. You may think that if you’re not presenting a poster, giving a talk, sitting on a panel, or actively on the job market, it’s OK to be a passive participant — or decline to attend altogether. Not so. Attending important conferences in your field should be an essential element of your career strategy because each of these gatherings represents a golden opportunity to network — that is, to build mutually beneficial partnerships with others.



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