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>>Building Codes Assistance Project Updates on Building Energy Codes

Source: energycodesocean.org
BCAP Newsletters are quarterly summaries of what's been happening at the Building Codes Assistance Project and building energy code progress around the nation. To access the full archive, click here. Here are some of the recent alerts from the BCAP Code Alerts released released weekly by the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) and its website, the Online Code Environment & Advocacy Network (OCEAN). Code Alert Bulletins are designed to share information and support timely participation in state and local activities related to the adoption and implementation of building energy codes. The bulletins highlight immediate opportunities to influence state and local policy outcomes, indicate code status, and recommend contacts for action. Topics addressed in the current issue include:

*New State and Local Alerts* 

Connecticut - Codes and Standards Committee Meeting
Illinois - Energy Code Advisory Council Meeting
Maryland - Regulations for Local Amendments and Adoption Schedule
Missouri - Energy Usage Tracking in Government Buildings
New Hampshire - Updates to Statewide Building Code to Include 2015 IECC
New York - Public Comment and Hearings for 2015 IECC
Ohio - Commercial and Residential Energy Code Meetings

*Ongoing State and Local Alerts*

Florida - Proposed Legislation Would Weaken Building Envelope
Maine - Technical Building Codes Board Meeting
Massachusetts - Draft Ninth Edition Building Code Approved by Board
Missouri - Comprehensive Energy Plan Still Open for Public Comment
Pennsylvania - Changes to Uniform Construction Code Adoption Process


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