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>>SPFA Pushes for Renewal of Energy-Efficient Building Tax Extenders 
SPFA continues to work in Washington, D.C., on issues important to the members. As a member of the High Performance Building Congressional Coalition (HPBCCC) SPFA has partnered with other Coalition members and several construction organizations to push for support and renewal of three energy-efficient building tax extenders: Residential Energy-Efficiency Tax Credit (IRC Sec. 25C); Energy-Efficient New Home Tax Credit (IRC Sec. 45L); Commercial Building Tax Deduction (IRC Sec. 179D). SPFA has co-signed a letter to the US House Committee on Ways and Means, and believes that such tax incentives are critical to moving the mark on energy efficiency and generating a market incentive for more customers to make the jump to SPF.
"These incentives have played a role in advancing SPF use around the country by making it even more cost effective," said Kurt Riesenberg, SPFA Executive Director. "Everyone wins with customers upping their game on energy efficiency, reducing energy demand and cost, and living in a more comfortable space. More SPF gets used because it’s the better material, and part of DoE’s mission is accomplished. I hope Congress does the right thing here."

For the latest information on the tax extenders, the upcoming elections, and all things government be sure to attend Craig Brightup’s Government Affairs breakout session – a regular favorite – at the upcoming SPFA Sprayfoam 2016 Convention & Expo, Feb. 8-11, 2016, and read every edition of the Brightup Writeup in SPFA’s SPRAYFOAM Professional magazine. 


>>SPFA PCP Discussions in New Mexico - Next Step Takes Place Nov. 18

public hearing was held Sept. 14 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to discuss the state’s movement toward requiring SPFA PCP certifications as license. Many professionals in the SPF industry were in attendance, both via phone and in person, including SPFA's Executive Director Kurt Riesenberg. This topic was also the subject of a roundtable meeting co-hosted by SPFA and The Sprayfoam Coalition of ACC in Albuquerque on August 26.

The Construction Industries Commission will consider pending agenda items at its Nov. 18 meeting.

The Construction Industries Division (CID) of New Mexico is proposing language requiring SPF professionals in the state to obtain an SPF license. (Proposed licensing language can be found online here.) SPFA PCP Project Manager (Insulation and/or Roofing) certification would be required to obtain Qualified Professional (QP) status. Additionally in the field, CID of N.M. would require that each worksite have either an SPFA PCP Master Installer OR the combination of a PCP Project Manager overseeing the work of a PCP Installer. Language to this effect has passed three Commission hearings in New Mexico in May, June and July 2015.

New Mexico officials expect the requirement of PCP certification as license to improve consistency and installation performance across the state. SPF professionals ranging from contractors to manufacturers suggested this as a testament to the effectiveness and completeness of the PCP program, others indicated that PCP adoption in this manner is too extreme, not what the program was developed for, and will not solve specific and limited issues the state is dealing with. Some SPF professionals would like to see the state focus upon education, training, outreach, and improving state permitting, inspection and code enforcement efforts, which they claim are lacking in the state, rather than implement a regulation dependent upon one program that would put specific additional burdens only upon SPF professionals instead of all insulation and roofing contractors.

Among the stated reasons the N.M. Commission chose SPFA PCP for the basis of their licensing program – it’s ISO-17024 standard compliant, it’s been consensus-developed by industry experts, and is independent (non-branded, non-product specific and open to members AND non-members).

The state has also indicated a willingness to work with the industry to examine development of vo-tech, secondary, post-secondary or apprenticeship training program partnerships coordinated with various entities around the state in an effort to produce better availability of pre-trained and qualified workers. "These types of ongoing roundtable discussions are essential between the state and industry in our mutual interests of supporting the highest quality installations and product performance that only SPF can deliver," said Kurt Riesenberg, Executive Director of SPFA. 


>>SPFA Launches Membership Drive
Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance is excited to announce the launch of a new membership drive. SPFA membership offers sprayfoam professionals the ability to drive the industry forward and address its biggest issues by collaborating on a national level. The member-discounted Professional Certification Program (PCP) provides the highest quality, technically specific training in the business and serves as a certificate of professionalism and authenticity. Additionally, members can increasingly expand their own business by being listed in the SPFA Membership Directory and Buyers' Guide, available in print and online. To learn more about how SPFA can benefit your business, contact Billy Harley at membership@sprayfoam.org or (571) 814-3685.



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