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SPFA Training & Certification

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>>Do You Need a Reason to Get Out of the Heat?

As the temperatures soar through most of the United States, SPF Contractors can make the most of their time to beat the heat. You can now take written exams online in the comfort of your office. You just need to block out 2 hours, get comfortable in front of your computer and take an SPFA PCP Written Exam and you’ll be on your way to achieving the prestigious SPFA PCP Certification. Do your spraying during the coolest parts of the day and when the temperature is at its peak, you can still be productive (but in the comfort of your office!).

You can also meet some of the other criteria for the different levels of certification through online sites. For example, the CPI Chemical Health and Safety Course is free and available online 24/7. Depending on the level of certification you are seeking, you may need either the OSHA 10 or OSHA 30-hour course for construction and these are available online also (for a fee).
Check the SPFA website for more details or contact Kelly Marcavage, Certification Director at 

>>PCP Certification Mark Available to SPFA Certified Individuals 

If you are an SPFA PCP Certified Professional, you are among the first in the SPF industry to achieve this certification. We have a Certification Mark available for your use to help you promote this accomplishment. Simply contact our office at 866-222-5000 or email and we can send you your customized SPFA PCP Certification Mark to use on your business cards or in your professional correspondence. The Certification Mark that is on your ID card has been customized with your certification number. We can send you the same thing in a format that can be printed. 

It is important to note that the Certification Mark may only be used by certified individuals for their own personal use. In other words, the mark cannot be printed on T-shirts and worn by your entire crew. It is only to be used by the person who earned the distinction. The terms and conditions of the use of the Certification Mark are defined in the Certification Agreement that all SPFA PCP Certified Professionals have signed.  

>>SPFA PCP Exam Prep Courses and Exams
New locations are frequently added for SPFA PCP Exam Preparatory Courses, Written Examinations and Field Examinations, so be sure to check Certification Calendar of Events for the most complete list.
July 12 -- Spring, TX
Hosted by Bayer (private)
Contact Martha Vandamme at

July 14-17 -- Marlborough, MA
Hosted by Lapolla
Contact Shana Rand at

July 14-18 -- Houston, TX
Hosted by Lapolla
Contact Shana Rand at

Sept. 15-19 -- Santa Fe Springs, CA
Hosted by Diamond Liners
Contact Danette Bender at
October 14-16 -- Waukesha, WI
Hosted by Gaco Western
Contact Karen Wolfenberger at 

October 15-17 -- Houston, TX
Hosted by Lapolla
Contact Shana Rand at

Ongoing -- Webinar SPFA PCP Refresher Courses for Previously Trained SPF Professional
Hosted by Gaco Western
Contact Karen Wolfenberger at

More details for each location are available on our website – If you would like more information on the PCP, please contact Kelly Marcavage, SPFA PCP Certification Director at


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