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SPFA SprayFoam Convention & Expo Is Almost Here!

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>>Invitation to Attend
Happy New Year! You are personally invited to attend SPFA's SprayFoam Convention & Expo in beautiful Palm Springs Calif., Jan. 25-29, 2014. The conditions are perfect for a spectacular show and the speakers have assembled the best and most useful information for you to invest in yourself and your profession. If you need one more reason, look out your window. By contrast, the weather in Palm Springs is warm and sunny, like almost every other day there. Decide to register today and you'll feel warmer already! Get away, get informed, get certified, get refreshed, and start the year off right before work gets crazy by joining your fellow professionals in a celebration of sprayfoam. Nothing else is going to prepare you better for the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. We, your fellow attendees, the speakers and the event sponsors are counting on you being present to make the event a huge success! It can't happen without you. 

This is SPFA's singular best chance of the year to meet with you and facilitate the important conversations of the industry. To bring to you all the stuff we work on for you all year, and hear from you on the most important issues facing you as an industry professional. Register now!
Check out the great program we are able to offer you this year by looking at the Convention Attendee Brochure.
For all the information you need about the SPFA 2014 Convention and Expo, visit the official convention website. Deep member discounts available for attendance and SPFA PCP Certification program tests, classes and Field Exams. 
>>Convention Smartphone App
This year SPFA will improve your convention-going experience with an iPad, iPhone or Android Sprayfoam Convention 2014 App! Customize your experience by reviewing the entire schedule and selecting which events you want to use to create your own itinerary AND DON'T MISS A THING! Get background and contact info on the speakers, exhibitor information and map locations, check out sponsors, download convention documents or - gulp - even post a picture for everyone to see (rules of decency apply). 

Download directly from the Apple App Market, Google Play Store (Android) or simply click below if reading this on your device:

>>Look for Your Challenge Coin
 A "challenge coin" is a small coin or medallion (typically military), bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and carried by the organization's members. Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. In addition, they are also collected by service or other members. In practice, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization. SPFA is beginning a new tradition this year. Starting in 2014 each convention will have a custom Challenge Coin minted, struck with the SPFA logo on one side and the unique year's convention logo on the other. These are heavy, 1.75" diameter, 3.5mm thick coins. They will each have a custom number on the side making your coin special, and we will use that number for giveaways (like the registration TVs) instead of the usual tickets. There might be some other surprises you can win if you present your coin when challenged. These are truly collector's items and can be displayed to show all the years of attendance you will rack up. Made by GraywaterOps, a U.S. based, 100% veteran-owned company. If you want the coin, you need to be at the show. One per person, it'll be waiting for you in your convention bag.  
>>Critical Milestones and Information
1. Convention and hotel registration is open. The Convention HQ - the beautiful Renaissance by Marriott Palm Springs Convention Hotel and Resort - has been sold out since December. Don't fret! Check with the Renaissance to see if any reservations have been cancelled. If not, there are several other hotels in the area. Palm Springs is not a big city so you will still have easy access to the convention. The Palm Springs Courtyard Marriott is still accepting reservations, as is the Hilton Palm Springs and Extended Stay America. There are also other options if you search for hotels near the Palm Springs Convention Center.
2. SPFA will be offering the PCP certification Field Exams for Master Installer levels of insulation and roofing at the convention this year. Field Exams will take place January 25-27, and will be hosted at a local SPFA member contractor’s facility in Palm Springs. Transportation will be provided. If you have been thinking about getting your Master Installer Certification Field Exam completed, this is the best time, place and chance to do it. Maybe stick around for the convention too! Register for PCP Field Exams, other PCP tests or the convention here

For general information on the convention contained in the Attendee Brochure, including golf, speaking events, breakout session topics, networking receptions, PCP certification written and Field Exams, prices, etc. click here.
>>Thank You to Our Sponsors
Should your company want to become a valued sponsor, and receive all the benefits that come with that status, please click HERE to consider SPFA's 2014 Annual Convention & Expo Sponsorship Prospectus.
>>NOTE: Make the most of your convention and certification participation by saving some cash! Big discounts for members are available for everything from convention registration to certification exams. Join and become an SPFA member to get immediate discounts at the show, and then benefit from your membership for the entire rest of the year. Join.


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